We are the part of the Scottish Usability Professionals Association that have been existing since 2004 and we are welcoming members since then. We broaden our team by skillful and experienced people who just love to contribute our community.

Our goals, mission and objectives are presented at every meeting and the following one is on 23rd July at Microsoft Scotland in Edinburgh. David Solan will be our main guest who will talk about the authoring tool accessibility and the latest tools in this niche. Besides, he has a vast experience in content creation, so you will be able to find out and learn many useful things and trends when it comes to its creation, support and automation.


Why do we force the UPA much?

Because it can help you a lot. Whether you write technical documentation or develop the trendy application and software, the UPA will support the development of usable, efficient and economic product.

All of our members come from hardware & software design world, financial services, public sector and consulting. Since they have had a lot of complex problems and products to develop, who could explain the concept better than they could?