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Forthcoming events

Thinking Big – Creating usable enterprise portals – Mark Wetton and Anne-Marie Scott
Tuesday 22nd June 2019

Large institutional portals have a particular information architecture challenge of being a ‘one stop shop’ for several applications for a widely divergent audience. Additional challenges include the devolved content contribution, meeting accessibility standards, and the inevitable organisational issues.

In this presentation the portal development team from Edinburgh University will present a detailed case study highlighting how they incorporated usability and accessibility throughout the design process for their enterprise portal. You will have the chance to learn from this case study based presentation where pragmatism has proven an essential tool in addressing the broad scope and politics of usability from an enterprise portal perspective.

Girl with computer

Speaker biographies: Mark Wetton and Ann Marie Scott are the portal development officers for the University of Edinburgh. They have a strong interest in user-centred design and accessibility, and have been leading several initiative to increase the user centred design for all of the University’s digital channels.

Time: 6.30pm
Venue: Microsoft Edinburgh
127 George Street,
Edinburgh EH2 4JN
Map of Microsoft Edinburgh

Interactive TV usability and accessibility
Tuesday 19th July 2019

Interactive TV is an increasingly important channel for government and business to reach their target audiences. But how can you make sure that usability or accessibility are not barriers? Our two speakers, Jonathan Marshall and Alex Carmichael will present the fundamentals for creative yet usable and accessible iTV content
More details to follow soon.

Information architecture case studies

Wednesday 11th June 2019
Peter Van Dijck will present case studies to illustrate the full range of IA methods and deliverables.
More details to follow soon.

Past event information

Other planned events

Beside the abovementioned events, there are also few other vents that we host and would like to present you. We are actively arranging a programme of events and presentations during our monthly meetings. The date and venue details are still being finalised but the following is a list of the planned presentations.

Usability and HCI Standards

Experts in the primary usability standards (ISO 13407, ISO/AWI 23973 and ISO 9241-11) will present a panel explaining the purpose, scope and practical application of these standards. You will be able to learn about the standards and how to apply these from the best professionals!


Usability in video games

As the video gaming industry grows everyday, we decided to cover this topic by the professionals who work in this industry. Lucy Joyner, a specialist researcher in the usability of video games and digital entertainment will present insights on striking the right balance between usability & fun. He will answer to all of your questions so feel free to write down some questions so you could hear his thoughts.

Internationalisation / localisation

Cultural and language differences can have a major impact on the success of a product in different countries. But ensuring usability in international projects is not easy. This presentation will give insights to best practice for this increasingly important topic. There will be real-time examples so the people could understand it better on the real examples.


Report on the latest research on Competitive Usability Evaluations in which several usability experts assess the same web site using usability testing and expert evaluation methods, showing up differences in approaches and surprising variations in findings.


Search & information retrieval

The amount of information on the web is growing all the time. A presentation on the latest research into information retrieval technologies to get users to their goals. Find out how you can find your information efficiently and fast.

Debate : Usability vs creativity

Do usability and accessibility goals stifle the creative effort and produce boring ‘cookie cutter’ sites? A lively debate is promised.
Entrance will be free to UPA members and £10 for non members (£5 for student non-members).