These Are 4 The Best Graphic Design Tricks You Must Know

Have you always wondered what you could do to become a better designer? Graphic design is not only about painting and setting up a theme, it is far more than that. You need to have a feeling for this job. Still, there are some tips you can apply to produce better results.

Whether you are inexperienced designer who just started this journey or you have been working into this industry, these tips will be of great help. Read these thoroughly and apply them to become even better in this job!

A color palette

When you look at the website that is nice and appealing to your eyes, what can you see? The perfect color palette that matches with the theme and the rest of the design. That is the key things. The perfect balance is the key for the best and most optimal design that will attract users and make them praise the design.

A color palette

It is advisable to use HEX code for colors so you could have the same color if needs. The color palette is the key of a good design, so make sure you choose appropriate one for the project you are working on.

Be very careful with fonts

Imagine when you design the perfect color palette and everything is very appealing but then you insert the horrible font style and you blow all things you have made. The golden rule for fonts is not to have more than two different fonts, as this makes the whole design messy and uneven.

Try to use one font for headings and the other for body so you could avoid too much of difference.

Observe and research other designs

Taking a look at other works is cool as long as you do not imitate the work and concept. Like in every job, you look at your competition to see how they did it and how they solved the problem. Therefore, do not be afraid to rely on other works, but never rip off someone’s work, effort and contribution.  It is not a problem to take some design as your guideline, but it is a problem if you copy the work. Remember, no one likes plagiarism!


Blank and alignment are must do

The concept of spacing out is good as long as you understand where you should leave the blank space. A bit less is better than too much in some cases, so do not try to make things close to each other if they simply do not go together. Also, make sure that all your elements and objects are aligned well. Use grid lines to make sure you line up objects well.