How To Do A Web Project For A Small Company?

The main question that you must ask on this title is: how much work is involved? To make things a bit simpler, you will need two sets of data: the level of complexity and the size of a project that a company needs. This is important whenever you are planning to develop a software, whether it is for a small or a large company.

Roughly said, it could cost anywhere from $1,000 to $10,000. In order to get closer the amount of money you will require, you will need to follow a few guidelines.

Find a professional developer

If you are busy and do not have enough time, it is best to find someone experienced who can pull out the work on its own. If you choose this way, you need to have find someone with the good portfolio. You need a web developer that knows HTML, CSS, Java and other languages that are useful for web programming.


Beside, you also need a professional graphic designer who will design the look and layout of the webpage. Having in mind that a whole website, though a smaller one that is intended to be used by a small company, could cost anywhere between $1,000 and $10,000, you might want to see how much money you will have to pay to the developer.


Have in mind that you will have to pay your developer to do the hard work, so make sure you ask him about the payments. Some like to be paid per hour, some per project and some have fixed prices that they stick to. Before you start, make sure you calculate everything to see if you can fit yourself within the total sum that you are going to charge from your client.

Do it on your own

If you are skilled and experienced web master, you can do this project on you own. This involves a lot of things, but you will have to start with:

  • Finding a reliable domain name
  • Website hosting
  • SSL certificate (especially if a web site involves payment processing) and licenses
  • A professional design and look
  • Plugins
  • Original photos
  • Unique content.

This, when you combine all, could cost you between $300 and $600, but we do not count the time that you are going to spend to create the website. Have in mind that you will need at least 30hours of work to create something decent and worthy of showing. This method it does take more time, but you will earn more money if you work on your own and you do not hire anyone to do the hard work.